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Korbi Carnage - Drums
Torturesepp - Bass
Toni Torture - Guitars
Enric Endtime- Guitars
He-Man Powerblast - Vocals
Mike Slave - Backup Guitar
Life is torture, we are all slaves!



Munich doesn’t exactly have the reputation of being a heavy metal stronghold. Despite a fairly vibrant scene, „death“ or „thrash“ aren’t neccessarily the first words that come to mind when thinking about the bavarian city that often appears more like a very large village.

Under these circumstances you could waste a great amount of time and energy complaining about the status quo and jealously looking at places like LA, Gothenburg or Toronto. The other option?Take action and simply fill the metal-gap yourself by creating the sound, that you find to be missing in your local band-landscape.


And that is exactly the demand that Tortureslave make on themselves. Against this background, the band blasts a furious mix of swedish-inspired melodic death metal and raw 80s-thrash with a firm punk-based, sociocritical stance. In their lyrics, Tortureslave angrily adress social issues such as capitalism, meritocracy, war and the racist conservative shift of society.

Band members come from varying musical backgrounds (e.g. Spread the Plague, Damien, Cult of the Black Moon Rising, Sonic Abuse…) so the classic thrash/death sound is given a very unique edge. Raw, fresh and completely free of unnecessary frills. Simply put: 0% bullshit, 100% metal.


After the extensive Demo EP from 2017, wich managed to cause a stir in southern Germany and beyond, the long anticipated full-length Debutalbum now faces the light of this barren world in February 2021. „Tools of Torture“ elevates the Band to a whole new level in terms of songwriting, sound and aggression.

The record is, like the Demo, released without a label and will be self-distributed.




Michael Cap

+49 170 332 36 28

Michael Cap
Nitro Booking GmbH
Munich (Germany)
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